Sales and products

  • Sale and delivery of high quality consumable supplies, instrumentation, implantable devices and cardiovascular apparatus
    • Any kind of consumable materials, e.g. arterial and coronary bare metal/drug eluting stents, arterial and venous diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, balloon dilatation catheters, inflation syringes, intraarterial and intracoronary wires, intraarterial and intrave nous blood pressure measurement devices, introduction sheaths, punction neadles
    • Implantable devices, e.g. bivents, cardiac valves, cardioverter/defibrillators, ECG monitoring chips, pacemakers
    • Cardioverter/defibrillators, echocardio graphs, ECG, exercise testing, Holter monitoring 1/7 days, pacemaker/defibrillator monitoring and check stations, 24 h - RR monitoring, telemetry, second hand equipment